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Air Conditioning

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Keeping you and your vehicle on the road reliable and safe.
We cater for all makes and models of vehicles and specialise in (VAG) VW Audi Group vehicles - Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Overland Preparation.

Approved MOT Test Station

Our fully licensed MOT test lane uses the latest equipment (OPTL)
We have the ability to test all makes and models of Class 4 Petrol/Diesel Cars and Vans.


Vehicle Diagnostics using the latest equipment and technology.
Diagnose vehicle faults, reset service indicators, check ECU's.
We also offer Main Dealer level diagnostic support for (VAG) VW Audi Group vehicles.

Marlow Dynaline

Marlow Dynaline Ropes.
At the forefront of the Dyneema Revolution.
Taking Winching to a new level.
Weight for weight, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel.

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DTB Motor Services Ltd
Units 23-25 Prince Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
Kings Norton
B30 3HB

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M.O.T £30.00



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Air Conditioning.
Remember your Air Con isn't just for the Summer.
Prices start from just £50.00 - Call today 0121 459 9222.


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DTB Motor Services Air Con Service

Trade Prices On All Brembo Disc Brakes and Pads.
Service and Repair

Air Con

Vehicle Air Conditioning - Re-Gas your Aircon - Kings Norton Business Centre, B30 3HB.

To be effective, your vehicles air conditioner must control four conditions within the vehicles interior:
• It must cool the air
• It must circulate the air
• It must purify the air
• It must dehumidify the air

These functions are essential if passenger comfort is to be maintained when the ambient temperature and humidity are high.
By performing these functions, the air conditioner maintains the body comfort of the passengers.

Here's something to think about !
When a car is driven or parked in the sun, heat enters the vehicle from many sources.
All of these and other miscellaneous heat sources increase the air temperature within the vehicle.
In a high ambient temperature situation, (e.g. on a 37 °C day), the interior of a vehicle left standing in the sun with windows closed could reach 65 - 70°C!
Just think how your Air Con is working to keep you comfy, and how hard it has to work when it's not maintained correctly.

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Is your Air Con emitting unpleasant odours within your vehicle ?

Under certain conditions, moulds and bacteria (normally present in the air) may form on the surface of the evaporator core, causing an unpleasant odour inside the vehicle.
If your vehicle is experiencing this, an antibacterial product can be used to treat the evaporator.

Here's a little Tip !
Turn off your Air Con system a few minutes before shutting off the vehicle and leave your blower fan running (this will dry the evaporator core from the moisture that encourages bacteria growth).
Don't forget your Air Con System isn't just for the Summer season !
In the colder months, a well maintained system will clear your windows and stop them from misting up.

Call for details and Book in on 0121 459 9222.

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Air-Con Pricing - Call: 0121 459 9222

•Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from system
•Recharging refrigerant to recommended levels
•Adding fresh system pag oil
•A full visual inspection, temperature and vacuum leak checks

•Faults found (No re-gas) £25.00 Service Charge

Anti-Bacterial clean £20.00
•Removes 99% of all harmful bacteria - leaves car smelling fresh

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Q.How long does it take?
•The Air Con Service takes around 40-50 minutes.
The Antibacterial Clean if required can be carried out at the same time as your Air Con Service.

Q. How often should I service my car's air conditioning?
•Vehicle Manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced every two years.
Your vehicles manual should give you the specific requirements for your car.

Q.Does the Air Conditioning Service include repairs?
Our services are for vehicle systems in good order.

Q.Do you supply refrigerant R1234YF?
As of 2017, a new type of refrigerant gas is required by law for all 'new 2017 onwards' vehicles.
Sorry we do not currently supply this gas.

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Get your Vehicle Air-Con Serviced
While we do your MOT

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